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infoCypher FileMaker Experts: Business Solutions and Consulting Portfolio

infoCypher offers quality Filemaker solutions for a wide range of businesses. As Filemaker experts, we have been building great software for our clients since 1999. We invite you to read the descriptions of some of our projects listed listed below in our programming portfolio or see what our clients have to say about us.

FileMaker DevelopmentAOL Time Warner / Turner Network Sales

infoCypher worked with AOL Time Warner on a FileMaker Pro solution that allowed Turner Network Sales Tune-In department to track tv, cable, digital and print advertising schedules and placement throughout the country.  The solution was was critical to the department's function for more than a decade until it was integrated into Turner's enterprise-wide database infrastructure.

FileMaker Development and WebObjects ConsultingApple Seminars and Events

infoCypher worked with Apple Inc. for over a decade, building software solutions in FileMaker Pro and WebObjects/Java.  Our largest project with Apple was to build and maintain their Seminars and Events website. (The site, formerly at http://seminars.apple.com, is no longer live, as the department for which the site was created has now been dissolved.)  The complete package included a backend events management system that allowed Apple and its partner companies to manage seminars and events all over the world, and a public-facing website that allowed people interested in Apple products to register for these events.  The original system was built in FileMaker Pro version 4, and as Apple outgrew its capacity, it was rebuilt in WebObjects with Frontbase as a backend database.  infoCypher paired FileMaker Pro with PHP to collect, process, and distribute leads generated from the WebObjects site to the appropriate salespeople.  

FileMaker ConsultingGeorgia Outdoor News

Georgia Outdoor News is a state-wide news magazine for outdoor sportsmen.  infoCypher created a FileMaker Pro database solution for GON to manage advertising revenues, and another solution that the staff uses to track magazine distribution at locations throughout the state.  

Drupal Web DevelopmentGeorgia STAND UP

Georgia STAND UP is a non-profit organization based in Atlanta, GA, whose mission is to provide information and resources to help create healthy, livable neighborhoods while respecting the right of existing residents to benefit from the progress and developments talking place within their communities.  infoCypher created a Drupal content management system to enable staff members and volunteers to easily update the information presented on their website (http://georgiastandup.org).  

FileMaker DevelopmentHaiti Cardiac Alliance

The Haiti Cardiac Alliance provides a service that connects surgeons and other medical professionals with children in Haiti who are in need of heart surgery. infoCypher is currently building a FileMaker Pro database application to allow users to track, assess, prioritize, and follow up with the children.  The solution will improve the efficiency and organization of the providers, sponsors, social workers, and medical staff as they view and modify patient information using a PHP-driven website and/or a FileMaker Go mobile application will update the FileMaker Pro database.

Web DevelopmentMorehouse College

infoCypher managed the creation of a WebObjects solution for The Howard Thurman Papers Project, to organize and track the references for research on the life of Howard Thurman, a prominent theologist and civil rights leader.  


Filemaker Consulting: Sign ManagerPeachtree City Foamcraft

Peachtree City Foamcraft manufactures wholesale foamcore monument structures for its customers.  infoCypher upgraded and enhanced an older version of a FileMaker Pro database solution to allow the staff to create and track their business, starting from building proposals for prospects and tracking work orders for production to managing billing and payments.  


FileMaker DevelopmentTransmedia Commercials On Hold

Transmedia Commercials On Hold (COH), based in Macon, GA, is a leader in the audio advertising industry.  infoCypher created a business-critical database solution in FileMaker Pro so COH staff could keep track of their audio message production business.  The system allows the production team the audio production process from the point a service agreement is signed through copywriting, voice session scheduling, mixing and delivery.  Office administrators are able to enter service orders and set up production schedules for each service.  Copywriters are able to keep track of drafts, finalize copy written for clients, and schedule sessions for voice talent to record voice parts.  The production team is then able to keep track of when the audio sessions are returned, mixed and delivered to customers.  The solution includes an automated production scheduling process, which creates more than 500 audio productions every month according to the schedule set up in the service agreement.

FileMaker DevelopmentTripMedia Group, Inc

TripMedia Group runs a travel information website for travel agents called tripinfo.com.  They needed a utility created in FileMaker Pro to compile click-through statistics collected by a server-side CGI script on a server hosted by an internet service provider, along with analytic tools such as Get Clicky and/or Google Analytics to compile the total number of page views on the tripinfo.com website. The compiled numbers were then used to create Return on Investment (ROI) reports for the TripMedia Group’s clients. Among other upgrades and improvements to their previous FileMaker Pro solution, infoCypher paired FileMaker Pro's web viewer feature with the Google Analytics API to automate the processes by which this data is compiled so that TripMedia staff could efficiently send accurate click-through data to their customers.