Our Process

Discovery, Business Analysis, Development, Quality Assurance, and Design Process

What to Expect: Our Database Consulting and Development Process

Requirements Gathering and Business Analysis

Our first step on any FileMaker, web, or iOS development project is to analyze your business to determine your needs.  We spend a considerable amount of time in this discovery stage. Through interviews with your staff, observation, job shadowing, and analysis of current processes and tools, we work with you to determine whether and how software can create value for your business. infoCypher's expert consultants will document and provide recommendations based on our findings.  

Architecture and Design

The next step is to design a software system that will meet the needs we've gathered.  Our business analysts spend time categorizing, diagramming, and prototyping a system to make your business more efficient and productive.  We work with your budget and detail the features to be included in the system. Finally, our Filemaker programmers use their development expertise to create a proposed plan for the project.

FileMaker Pro Desktop, Mobile, and Web Development

Software development is both a creative and a logical process. At infoCypher, our goal is to value both of these aspects.  Our project managers, programmers, and staff use Agile Project Management for our software development, whether the software is for the desktop, web, or iOS platform. Agile Project Management is an iterative method of determining requirements for software development projects in a highly flexible and interactive manner.  The core values behind our development process are:

• Our developers prioritize your workflow and business processes over our software and tools.
• Our consultants value working software above comprehensive documentation.
• Our business analysts and project managers prefer customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
• Our programmers remain responsive to change by following an iterative development process rather than rigidly following a plan.

As much as possible, we embrace these values so that the software that you receive at the end of a project meets your requirements. Though we do start by creating a proposed project plan, we know that requirements, design, and development of software often changes as the project matures.  We partner and communicate with you as part of our development team throughout the software creation process, and in that spirit, present our progress in iterative cycles to solicit your feedback as we go along.  What our design process means for you is that your project stays on track, we remain responsive to requirements that may be uncovered as we discuss the details of the project, and the end result is a high quality solution that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Quality Assurance, Testing and Feedback

We ensure that our work is complete by testing our software and working with you to make sure it works the way you'd like it.  As with all of the above steps, testing and feedback is an iterative process that requires our FileMaker programmers and project managers to collaborate with your staff.  We ensure that our software can withstand the demands of your business, and that our product is bug-free and easy to use.  If necessary, our FileMaker experts offer training for your staff so that your staff can use the software to the fullest extent.

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